Thursday, November 6, 2008

Headline: More flies caught with honey than vinegar

Today I read Dawn Eden's post about a young pro-choice student (link STILL broken as of 11/6/08) who had blogged on her first experiences shadowing an abortionist as he carried out his deeds. The blog has since been taken down entirely, but the relevant post is reproduced on Dawn's blog ->here. Unfortunately, the author claims that she was beset by pro-lifer hate-mail and was forced to take down her blog.

Pro-lifer hate-mail? Shouldn't we pro-life proponents ALL be able to easily agree that the latter (hate-mail) should never come from the former (pro-lifers)? If we're truly echoing Christ in our defense of unborn life, we should be receiving hate-mail, never writing it.

In the pro-life movement so much harm is done by Pharisees: those who profess right belief but do not evidence the fruits of the Holy Spirit in their words and lives. All the real good is done be the servants, the sidewalk counselor, the crisis pregnancy centers. As my newsflash says: more flies caught with honey than vinegar. Rational people will choose to side with the more compassionate, less bitter movement.

I live in an area with a very strong Pro-life movement. While I've never fully involved myself, I support them, and I've never had cause to regret it because they're awesome. They protest abortion out of LOVE and they protest WITH love. Every experience I've had in front of a Planned Parenthood has been prayerful and peaceful, and a few have even been inspiring.

I do understand that not all pro-life efforts are motivated by love and that's really a shame. It's unfortunate that they get so much press. They're the exception, not the rule! I think that as the culture war seethes, we have to point to unfair coverage of pro-life efforts as one of the accelerants of that fire. It's hard to convince people of our loving intent when we get conflated with arsonists and bombers.

edited 11/6/08

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Bonaventure said...

Meh. The pro-choice group tends to level a lot of false criticism at the pro-lifers. When I see the hateful comments, I'll believe it. I have spent sometimes 10+ hours in a week at the local abortion clinic. I've been flicked off, called an asshole, and some other such things (NEVER returning the favor) but by-and-large I just get ignored. I've seen pro-lifers get harassed on several Youtube videos, but have never seen it the other way around.

Maybe there are some trolls who wander the internet and flame people just because, but any pro-lifer who actually comes in contact with all the goings on at Planned Parenthood, knows that hating gets you nowhere (except a ride in a squad car).