Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Honest Journalism on the Abuse Scandals and Journalism Scandal, A Short List

Church is on the side of the victims, not the abusers:
Tearful pope says church will better protect young: from Associated Press
Cardinal Hummes: ‘Above all we are on the side of the victims’: from Catholic World News
Abuse victim in Malta: Pope Benedict XVI is a 'saint': from Catholic News Agency

Process to protect children is shown to have improved:
Evidence of Renewal: from National Review
U.S. bishops tracking foreign priest abuse complaints: from the Washington Post
Bishop Wenski: "Crisis...has been surmounted": from Orlando Sentinel

Pope was never personally responsible:
Fessio: Let's Get the Story Straight: Defrocking and Divorce: from Insight Scoop
The mob should lay off. The pope is completely innocent: from The Guardian (UK)
Abp Nichols: The Church is not trying to cover anything up: from The Times (UK)

Dishonest Journalism:
Journalists abandon standards to attack the Pope: from Catholic Culture
Ed Koch: Anti-Catholicism Evident in Media: from Zenit
Why is the unashamed child abuser Polanski lauded while the repentant Pope is vilified?: from Daily Mail (UK)

Defenders of Pope:
President of the Italian Senate condemns 'unmerited' attacks on Pope Benedict: from Catholic News Agency

Figures about real abuse prevalence are lower than people think:
How Spotlights Leave Many Other Things in Darkness: from Archdiocese of Washington blog
**Weigel: Scoundrel Time(s): from First Things
The media fires up its inquisition: from the Star Tribune
Forgotten Study: Abuse in School 100 Times Worse than by Priests: from Life Site News
Sex Abuse by Teachers Said Worse Than Catholic Church: from NewsMax

Opportunities for improvement:
Prominent Chicago Catholic Calls On Pope For Tougher Action: from WBBM Chicago

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